Do you have a tree on your property looming dangerously over your home?  Robertson Tree Service can handle it!

Do you have a dead or dying tree that could fall and cause damage?  Robertson Tree Service can handle it!

Do you have undesirable trees that need removing to improve the look of your landscape?  Robertson Tree Service can handle it!

Our experienced climbers and ground crew remove every tree with the utmost care for surrounding structures and landscaping.  In this video, we see John carefully execute a tree removal using a controlled fall in order to avoid landing in a very dangerous spot: on a full propane tank.

Robertson Tree Service will cut up and haul away all of the debris as well as grind the tree stump down below the ground level in order to allow the ground-space a sufficient amount of depth to allow sod or other ground coverings a place to grow and thrive.  In other words, we’ll make it like the tree was never there.

Robertson Tree Service provides safe and expert tree removal services in North Texas.  Please hire us for your tree removal in the Dallas area.

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