Insects and Disease

Trees are under constant attack from nasties such as wood destroying insects, parasites, bacteria, and fungus.  Most of these problems are treatable and even preventable.  The reason we want to pay special attention to sick or infested trees is because a strong infection or infestation will take the life of a weaker tree and then begin to promote the same problems amongst nearby trees.  The trees don’t have to touch for the problems to start spreading.

Please give Robertson Tree Service a call immediately if you are seeing some of these red flags such as:

  • ants or termites
  • spider infestations
  • spots on your leaves
  • fungus on the bark
  • sack-worms
  • brown areas of the tree’s canopy
  • or other things that indicate that the tree is under stress

Pruning and/or chemical treatment may be all that’s needed to bring your trees back to health.  Sometimes removal may be necessary to prevent trees which are past the point of no return from harboring and spreading these problems to neighboring trees.  If you suspect your trees may be battling any of these above, contact Robertson Tree Service today to schedule your consultation. Please don’t put it off.

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